Saturday, August 22, 2009


We know that that you are a pretty intelligent person and that this will make sense to you but...did you know that childlessness isn't always caused by a female issue? That's right. Approximately 50% of all cases of childlessness can be traced to a male childlessness issue either whole or in part. I know that this is common sense to most of us but for some reason it is usually the woman that has to do most of the hard work in modern day childlessness treatment. The woman is the one that has to monitor her cycle and deal with taking pills with some very nasty side effects.

Then there are examinations and procedures that would cause most guys to take a hard look at adoption if they were performed upon him! Yes, guys...I know that the yearly prostate check isn't pleasant but it doesn't come near what a woman has to go through in the course of a year to garner any sort of sympathy.

My point here and a worthwhile suggestion would be that if you are having childlessness issues that it might be time to explore all possible avenues that might help you to become pregnant...together! What is good for the goose is good for the gander! Any changes in diet and exercise should be embraced by the male side of the baby making equation also.
If nothing else, you might wind up becoming pregnant quicker by each focusing on doing whatever is necessary to improve your health and body so you can share in that happy day together when you find out that you are successful.

These days there are many alternatives to paying thousands of dollars to an childlessness clinic. There has been a recent renewal of interest in holistic and natural alternatives to help you overcome childlessness. Chinese medicine is now a popular and viable alternative to mainstream medical procedures that many are choosing thanks to its natural properties but even more for the success rates that couples are finding with these ancient cures for childlessness.

The focus of these holistic cures for childlessness is to heal the body in natural way. The problem is address in the least invasive way possible, whether that be a problem with fallopian tubes that are blocked or swollen with the mother...or low sperm count in the father. No quick fix is made to treat the symptoms...the body as a whole is cured of whatever is ailing it. You see... childlessness isn't a disease.

It is only a symptom of an underlying condition. An imbalance or problem...or multiple problems within the bodies of the future mother and father are the cause of the childlessness.
Once these conditions are treated and the bodies are healthy once again most couples have very little problem becoming pregnant...not only once but multiple times!

When you take into consideration the success rate of Chinese medicine and it's methodology you will find that it should be your next step on your path to pregnancy. Why not research it further and give it some consideration?

You might find that both you and the father of your child become closer in sharing this time and overcoming childlessness together...